Being in Bali Part 3 | Notes on Cemagi

Being in Bali Part 3 | Notes on Cemagi

Living in Bali

After spending two months in Canggu and Pererenan, we packed our bags and headed out to the lush rice fields of Cemagi. With open minds and a willingness to embrace the unknown, we headed to this little village which would become our home for the final two months of our Bali journey.

rice fields
View from our villa
Local life in Bali
Despite its peaceful ambiance, Cemagi is not isolated. It is still conveniently close to bustling areas like Canggu and Pererenan, making it easy to enjoy both the calm and the vibrancy of Bali. 
Cemagi was exactly what we had needed at that moment, a peaceful, grounding, and comfortable environment in which we could embrace and enjoy a more serene, local Balinese life. 
We stayed at a lovely villa tucked amidst nature that offered a unique yet incredibly comfortable living experience. It felt like a sweet escape with sweeping views of rice fields and a rooftop vantage point overlooking the ocean. 
Living in Bali
Where to live in Bali
Drop Waist Skirt and More Strings Attached Top
Bali local life

Cemagi has a cozy community feel but there is not much to do here, which makes it a less popular tourist attraction. It is worth noting however that both Cemagi and neighboring Sesseh, have been slowly becoming attractive locations for foreigners seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of Canggu and Pererenan. 
Sesseh is a few minutes away from Cemagi by scooter and has become the hub of both areas for expats and visitors who stay in these two areas. Activities in Cemagi and Sesseh may be somewhat limited, so let’s think quality over quantity! 
Tips on living in Cemagi
Sesseh & Cemagi are known for their black beaches
Here’s a list of our favorite things to do around Cemagi and Sesseh.
  • Long Walks on the Beach- Mornings in Cemagi and Sesseh usually begin with a gathering at Sesseh General Store for coffee and breakfast, followed by a leisurely walk, hanging, or surfing on the beach. Of course, we just stuck to walking and hanging out on the sand, and drenched in insect repellent! 
  • Happy Hour at Sesseh Pizza- Around the corner from Sesseh General Store is Sesseh Pizza, a popular spot for evening drinks and Italian dishes, like as you may have guessed- pizza.
  • Discover Udara- Cemagi's hidden gem, Udara, offers an array of wellness activities from meditation and yoga to sunset dance sessions and cacao ceremonies. It is a sanctuary for those seeking inner peace and rejuvenation. Nestled by the seaside it is also a place to experience bliss with the backdrop of unbelievable sunsets. If you are curious about breathwork meditation, I highly recommend joining a Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony with Christa!

Best meditation in BaliSunset mediation at Udara

Temples in Bali

Sunsets in Bali

  • Seaside Sunsets- For breathtaking sunsets away from the crowds typical of Canggu and Pererenan, beaches around Cemagi and Sesseh offer the perfect setting to marvel at the magic of the Balinese skies.
  • Bike Around- Exploring Cemagi by scooter is an adventurous way to discover the village's natural treasures. Navigate your way through the enchanting rice fields, explore the serene black sand beaches, and don't forget to visit the iconic Tanah Lot, all easily accessible by scooter.


Mountains in Bali

Best cafes in Sesseh Bali Sesseh General Store


There were a handful of restaurants spread out between Cemagi and Sesseh, and most days led us to Sesseh for a meal since most options were concentrated there. Despite the limited choices, most of the restaurants were quite decent for the area.

Our favorites included:

  • The Lodge- A French-owned French restaurant and café offering tasty baked goods and an impressive menu. This was our go-to spot for both lunch and dinner.  
  • Sesseh Pizza- As previously mentioned, the neighborhood favorite for pizza and happy-hour drinks.
  • Sesseh General Store- The go-to hangout spot for expats in the neighborhood. It offered a genuine island vibe, along with breakfast and daily essentials like fresh bread, granola, milk, and coffee.
  • BuReka Bistro- Offering Indonesian cuisine and a selection of Western dishes. I often ordered the fish soup/curry, always making sure to request less salt.
  • Flower Boy- A charming coffee stand with unobstructed views of the rice fields. It is worth noting that construction in Sesseh has been on the rise in recent months. 

Best cafes in SessehBreakfast at Sesseh General Store


Best restaurants in CemagiMy favorite dish at BuReka


Sunsets in BaliSunsets at Sesseh Beach


Living in Cemagi, although less eventful than my time in other areas of Bali, allowed me the precious gift of introspection. Even though many days felt like a reflection of the highs and lows of travel and exploration- I did my best to show myself grace in each moment. 

My time of being in Bali encompassed a plethora of experiences that wove together to ultimately expand my consciousness beyond my wildest imagination. 
After five months of living on the Island of the Gods, I bid farewell to this extraordinary chapter and prepared to use the lessons learned in the opening of another. 

I departed Bali with a heart full of gratitude, for the memories made, the friendships formed, and the experiences that continue to influence my life daily. 


Nature in Bali


Thank you Bali for letting me be...


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